Sakinno Wu is a contemporary artist and educator, born and raised on the east coast of China, currently residing in San Francisco, California. Her curiosity about the unknown and the new inspired her to experience the world through travel and exploration. Socrates said, “know yourself,” and her work has allowed her to explore the meaning of life itself. Studying abroad transformed her identity and art, while her background has retained her native Chinese sensibilities. 

Sakinno’s experience as an artist has given her the opportunity to show her work at several venues and galleries in San Francisco. Her personal exhibition experience has been reported by the American Chinese news media "News For Chinese”; her art work has won the Abstract Award from the Academy of Art University in 2019. Additionally, she has been published by <Artist Portfolio> Magazine, as well as received the Publisher's Choice Award by <art & beyond> magazine. She was nominated for the outstanding traditional artists of the Australian contemporary art magazine <Beautiful Bizarre>.

Being able to study abroad has also allowed Sakinno to communicate with, and travel between, cultural backgrounds and differences. Her understanding of the meaning of identity, in addition to her perspective and observation as a female artist, has inspired her to create a series of portraits of men and women, painting beyond the human body and committing to building an understanding of the depth of souls of women. 

Through her exploration of femininity, and the mysteries surrounding the soul, Sakinno seeks to bridge the gap between the people viewing her paintings and the people inside them. Her art examines how the human body is, often, merely just a means for transporting memory and history. The total sum of each one of us transcends time, language and the limits of our own understanding. Through her paintings, Sakinno seeks to show our passage through time, how small each of us are, and also how important. 

Human evolution has led us to sometimes choose to ignore, or forget, some of those natural states which we deem “unruly” or “unreasonable.” Through her work in collages, Sakinno always seeks to bring the unnatural back to earth. By taking images of human-made object bizarre configuring them as plants, animals and people, whole new forms of life appear before our eyes. The nature of creation and natural selection is subversive by nature, and Sakinno relishes any opportunity to call attention to the anarchic nature of life and it’s strange course through the stars. 

Art has the ability to expand our minds, while also focusing our attention inward. Through it we are able to glimpse, if for just a moment, how interwoven the universe is, and how chaotic it can be. During her youth, Sakinno was fascinated by Ancient Greek anthropomorphic sculpture. The unrestrained personalities at play in these classic pieces is still an inspiration to her when she approaches her art. That narrow bridge between chaos and order, human and animal, is where Sakinno finds her inspiration.


吴剑 (Sakinno Wu)是一名生活在旧金山的杰出华人青年艺术家,和艺术教育工作者。在美国生活工作八年。专注以油画和拼贴画为主的现代艺术创作。近年来活跃于美国艺术届各大艺术展。她出生并成长在中国沿海城市宁波,毕业于于杭州工业大学之江艺术学院,视觉传达系。后在旧金山求学并顺利毕业于旧金山艺术大学艺术硕士学位。

在生活中她一直对未知的世界充满好奇,这也是她长期旅行于世界各个角落这一经历背后的驱动力。她的艺术创作让她从对世界向外探索进阶到内心自我对话的向内探求。这正是她与世界之间关系的延续和进阶。哲学家苏格拉底说过,“了解自己”,她的工作使她能够探索生命本身的意义。出于早年离开熟悉的生活环境,留学的经历带给她对身份认同的铭感嗅觉,而她的背景却保留了她的中国本土情感。作为女性艺术家的观点和观察,以及她对身份意义的理解激发了她创作一系列肖像画。通过对女性气质的探索,着重传达一种美,它绽放于女性面对自我,变迁,挑战或无常的瞬间与永恒。她的灵感来自于她身边的真实女性,她们除了努力和进取,都在这个并非自己原生国家的领域寻找着自己的个人认同,除了日常的文化理解,她们在灵魂深处希望得到肯定和欣赏。她的作品连接和弥合着观画人及画中人之间的距离,就如同观看一场自我探寻的美妙之旅。 她的艺术旨在表达人作为记忆器皿,如何运输时间与经历,在你我身上留下独特印记,展示我们在年华流逝中,每个人的渺小却独一无二。

在油画系列之外,她的拼贴艺术画的创作灵感来自于希腊哲学中的异化人形。 她被他们所吸引,因为当他们扮演人类角色时,这些生物会为一个优雅的聚会带来无拘无束的个性。 在她看来,这是一种娱乐,更是一种提醒,我们已经习惯了如何成为一个所谓的“人性”,人类的进化使我们忘记了一些不守规矩和不合理的自然状态。 她的拼贴画剪下了杂志中的图像,将天然植物,动物和人类重新组合在一起,形成了一种具有异想天开的表情和态度的全新生物。 她的创作过程本身就是一个颠覆性的过程,将她的拼贴画主体延伸到超现实主义的风格。

Sakinno作为一名艺术家的经历使她有机会在旧金山的多个艺术画廊和美术馆展示她的作 品。她的个人展览经历曾见报于美国华人新闻媒体《 World Journal》《News For Chinese》,作品赢得旧金山2019艺术大学春季画展的抽象奖的一等奖,并在《artist portfolio》杂志,《art & beyond》杂志获出版商选择奖及出版,同时收录为澳洲当代艺术杂志《Beautiful Bizarre》提名优秀传统类艺术家。目前,她的油画女性肖像系列正被陈列与加州橙县Mona Niko画廊以及位于洛思加图斯的新美术博物馆NUMU双年展中。